Halloween Event Success

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The Romero Halloween event was a great success! Around 40 attendees enjoyed snacks, beer, cakes and ready-made-cocktails alongside funky festive music.

There was popcorn, French fancies as well as apple bobbing on offer. Michael suggested he do it, but the census was more in favour of him retaining his face painted disguise.

Well done to everyone who took part in the pumpkin carving and desk decorating. Reception’s desk is particularly spooky, featuring a couple of ghosts and the chopped arm of a murdered postman. A strong smell eminated from IT, matching their cobwebs and toxic warning tape, great job guys. There were lots of skeletons and scary faced pumpkins to be seen in Claims too.

Existing business had a great crack at thier pumpkin, as did Club & NDML over in Lloyd Pinder House.

Anne Marie won the Halloween costume competition. She came as the headteacher to my Catholic Primary School, very scary indeed. Well done to Matt Jaques’ team for winning the Halloween quiz, well deserved after only getting one wrong answer! (That not being to the quesiton; Do you actually want to do a quiz?)

Unfortunately the company photographer didn’t attend so you’ll have to make do with everyone’s hastily taken smartphone pics. He went to a Van Gogh exhibit in Bradford instead, highly recommended. Now Halloween has come, are there any spare sweets going? The Brand team will gladly accept leftovers…

So who won the pumpkin carving competition? We had some worthwhile entries –

However it has to be Sara Woods and the gang at the Halifax office. Stu Oliver produced some truly horrifying carving and their decorations are top tier. Prizes will be sent via bat-mail.

Thank you to everyone for taking part, and thank you to Vicki and Bethany for organising the event.

Special thank you to Anne Marie, (who delicately reminded me) she organised and distributed the Halloween decorations and pumpkins to each office and sourced the goods. Excellent job, we will be looking toward your holy guidance for the next in-office extravaganza!

Happy Halloween everyone, and remember to keeeeeeeeep spooking!

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