March the Month

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A message to everyone involved with Romero:

” Hey All,

” Prostate Cancer UK is doing March the Month. This is a virtual walking challenge of 11,000 steps a day that everyone can get involved with. We’d like to do something similar at Romero to continue our support for PCUK as we build-up to larger projects later in the year.

” The boys in marketing have been chatting about their steps recently; Keiran often records about 7,000 steps each day just tootling around the office! We’d each like to try to push ourselves that little bit throughout March in an effort to raise awareness for prostate cancer. 

” Having learnt more about Lloyd Pinder in my time here, I’ve heard about some of the great work he did at Club Insure and alongside PCUK. In memory of his walk-a-marathon, where he also walked to different football clubs, I thought we could each virtually walk from his place of work to his beloved Sunderland home ground, the Stadium of Light. 

” Calculating the distance, there and back down the M1, in real-time (a feat which I do not recommend for anyone prepared to walk at a pace less than 70mph) it comes out at 166 miles. 

” In steps, this equates to 360,000. Serendipitously, this is not too far above the original PCUK March the month challenge: 11,000 steps x 31 days = 341,000 steps. 

” Therefore, if you would like to join our March the month in memory of Lloyd, walking from Romero to the Stadium of Light and back again: 360,000 steps, please access H:\Public and sign up in the document labelled March the Month sign up.

” We are hoping to reach out to Prostate Cancer UK and the Stadium of Light, as well as clubs located along the route to help with awareness of the event. For those of you who choose to join, we will inform you of how we have decided to record our steps and how we will track our company’s progress.

” We’d like to get the ball rolling on this one, Any ideas or questions, please refer back to myself or Ollie.

” Cheers,

Patrick “

There and back again. From Romero to the Stadium of Light. March the month in memory of Lloyd and the 360,000+ affected by prostate cancer.

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