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However careful we may be, sometimes we all need a little support when managing our finances. Whether that be expert advice to help you manage your future finances, or a little helping hand when you face a challenging month, our team are here to support you to help minimise your financial worries where we can.

We understand that there are sometimes unexpected purchases crop up that take us by surprise. Whether it’s a need for a new washing machine or fridge that’s broken down, or something equally as frustrating, we sometimes need a little bit of extra cash. To help our team save money and avoid having to put these unexpected purchases on credit cards or other high interesting borrowing, we offer interest free loans for up to 12 months, helping alleviate the financial burden and save money on interest.

As the cost of living soars, and money has to stretch further, we understand that at the end of the month, it can be challenging to make ends meet. Whilst we pride ourselves on offering competitive and fair salaries, we can all be caught out now and then. That’s why we have the opportunity for team members to request supermarket vouchers to help knock some money off their food bill and make their money stretch that bit further.

Pensions can be complex and confusing for anyone other than an established financial boffin. That’s why we have regular pension reviews with independent advisors, who our team can go to for advice on their pension, whatever their individual circumstances may be.

As interests rate rise and cost of living surges, getting a competitive mortgage that fits your needs can be challenging. That’s why we give our team access to mortgage specialists, who can advise on what kind of mortgage is most suitable for each individual’s circumstances, and guide them through the mortgage or re-mortgage process.

As part of our wellbeing strategy, we understand that financial uncertainty and impact employee wellbeing. That’s why we hold regular financial wellbeing seminars, to help people understand their finances, and optimise them to get the most out of their money.

It’s important that salaries keep up with our team’s skills, and the world around them. That’s why we hold regular salary reviews, benchmarking our pay schemes with those across the industry, and ensuring we’re offering competitive wages that reward the work someone does and keeps up with the costs they face.

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