What’s it like to intern at Romero Insurance Brokers?

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Spending a Summer at Romero Insurance Brokers…

Hi, my name is Grace and I’m 16. I have just completed my GCSEs and I am going into Year 12, also known as Lower Sixth Form. I was looking for a summer job and discovered Romero Insurance through a family member and they recommended me to Michael who offered me a job at Romero.

Why did you choose to work at Romero?

I knew about Romero as my auntie had mentioned it where she had worked and how lovely the place is. I choose to accept the offer as I had never done anything like this previously and I wanted to broaden my skill set. I had no experience with insurance prior to this but wanted to know more about it. I also wanted to gain some new skills to help my transition into Sixth Form.

What work have you completed here at Romero?

I started my work in Reception, giving Anne-Marie and Carolyne a hand with the phones and sorting out the food orders. I also was on hand to help with the visitors that came into Romero, which included making sure they had everything they needed and offering them refreshments. After a few weeks in Reception, I was offered the opportunity to do some work in Marketing. The team in Marketing welcomed me so well and made me feel instantly at home. I have written my own articles for all of Romero’s digital platforms and assisted in some of the filming projects here at Romero and over in Club Insure and NDML. In between this, I have done smaller jobs for reception, helping when I can.

What experiences have you endured in your time at Romero?

I have experienced a variety of amazing things during my time at Romero. I have learned how to speak in a professional way to clients over the phone and reassure clients about potential claims. I have also learned how to write successful and creative articles. With the help of Patrick, I learned about the importance of a strong ‘Call to Action’ and why every piece must contain one. I have experienced what a corporate workplace is like and how the company is very people-oriented. This has enabled me to view all the wellbeing activities offered at Romero.

What has been the highlight during your time at Romero?

One of my highlights was having my first article published. When it first happened, I was shocked that it had my name on it. To see your name in a professional article is such a surreal experience and made me very happy. Another one of my highlights is speaking to customers as I find it so rewarding to be able to help and find solutions to their problems. I would say it is the best bit of the job, speaking and helping customers. It’s the bit of the job I will also miss the most when I leave.

How did it feel to come into a corporate environment to work for the first time?

I was very nervous on my first day but that immediately dissipated when I walked into Reception. Anne-Marie and Carolyne were so welcoming and made me feel calmer. They were so polite and reassured me that I needn’t be nervous as everyone is lovely. I expected everyone to be walking around in suits, and for everyone to be very serious, but that was almost the opposite of what happened. I learned that at Romero there is a dress-for-your-day policy which means most days everyone wears relaxed clothing.

What aspects of the Romero Group have you been surprised or impressed with in your time at Romero Insurance?

I was shocked at the wellbeing side of the company. They offer so much to support you. There was always someone to talk to and it made the whole experience so much easier knowing there was always someone to turn to if there was a problem. The We Are Wellbeing part is so prominent in all parts of the company and the work they do is so obvious in everyday life. I never expected to be taken such great care of by everyone. Nearly everyone has taken it upon themselves to get to know me which has been so lovely.

How will this experience affect you when you go back to school?

A lot of the skills I have developed in Marketing I can use in my chosen A-levels. I am doing English Language, Drama, and Religious Education. The article writing and writing persuasively will benefit me hugely and have put new-found confidence in me. Persuading comes into play in Drama as well because you are convincing the audience to fall in love with your character and connect with whom you are playing. This experience has also made me believe in myself a lot more and that will hugely benefit me on the return to school.

What have been the benefits of doing work experience at Romero?

This was my first taste of a proper job, and it has been a wonderful experience. I have loved getting to know everyone from people in IT to Accounts. One of the benefits of doing this work experience is I have constantly been learning on the job and a lot of the time, the skills I am learning are transferrable to whichever job I do. Being able to get things to put on my CV is also great as that means people can see what I have been doing. Having my first job at a corporate job was also great for me.

Would you recommend doing work experience at Romero?

I would recommend doing work experience as I have loved every minute of it. I have loved getting to know everyone at Romero and gaining some experience in the insurance field. I thought this summer would be boring and I would have nothing to do but I have had quite the opposite experience. There is always something to do and get on with which is why I decided to get a job, to be busy and make a positive impact on people’s lives. Particularly at Romero, they prioritise the wellbeing of their employees which is what makes Romero Insurance such a wonderful place to work.

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