A Christmas Poem

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Our very own Jim Concar penned this beautiful poem he wrote several years ago. It seems more relevant than ever this year and it’s a beautifully touching way to finish before Christmas.

Thanks Jim. And we hope you all have a lovely Christmas however you’re celebrating this year.

Christmas Reflections.

Cry not at empty chairs, around the Christmas table.
And not for tales of Santa, and Jesus in the stable.

Cry not for golden oldies past, tipsy, full, content.
And not for sharing presents, best money ever spent.

Yearn not for missing, teaching hands, as you decorate your tree. 
And not for smiling faces, your heart so longs to see.

Moan not for Christmas shopping, without their guiding light
And not for hugs and kisses that special Christmas night.

Weep not at quiet houses, those special nights new year. 
And not for resting loved ones your heart still holds so dear.

Weep not for Christmas years gone by, of memories forever undying 
Instead excite at Christmas yet, wipe eyes and stop your crying.

Smile this Christmas, new beginnings, memories of the future.
Smile with those you’re holding now and festive new adventure.

Smile for those innocent of loss, for them Christmas still pure. 
Smile; tell of Santa’s tale, handed down from those before.

Smile now for seats replete of joy, so special, Christmas day. 
Smile and share traditions held dear from yesterday.

Smile now as smaller, gentle hands, hang tinsel from your tree
smile, for in the future, it’s you in memories, they’ll see.

Smile, Make joy, be merry, share love, dance, sing, remiss. 
Smile, under the mistletoe, with loved ones share a kiss.

Reflect and celebrate years of joy, with smiles instead of cry. 
For Christmas comes just once each year, don’t let it pass you by.

Reflections of lost loved ones engulf our hearts yule tide. 
Although you cannot see them, they stand beside your side.

Be proud, be happy, be doubtless, their watching from above. 
Through the eyes of Christmas angels, consuming us with love.

Reach out; embrace this Christmas, without despair or tears. 
Let’s celebrate Christmas still to come, and boundless great new year’s.

Happy Christmas x

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