Acceptance Speeches and Christmas Sign Off

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Thank you everyone for such a great year.

The Romero Group has had a wonderful 12 months. We have fundraised for many different charities this year; travelled many miles – notably March the Month and the Coast 2 Coast; and we have also seen excellent new business.

In difficult and unpredictable times, we have battled through together – noting our excellent claims success stories and the Supreme Court Business Interruption ruling.

There has been continued Wellbeing guidance and initiatives, with great work from the Wellbeing Champions and the Neurodiversity Awareness campaign.

A seventh office was announced as well as a new home for Club Insure and NDML (not too far away). New processes were launched across each of our businesses in the Romero Group, and the Epic/Tam tale has had more twists than a Greek tragedy.

Plenty of coffee was had with many-a new starter; our company continues to grow and succeed. We’ve had super summer barbeques and wonderful winter Christmas parties. No doubt, we each have our own favourite personal highlights from this year, so take the time over Christmas and New Year to remember those.

And while that smile is worn, cast your eye onto our very own Michael Craggs and Oliver Calvert accepting our Insurance Times awards. They do a stand-up-job of not giving away the extent of their blood-alcohol level:

Before we are cut off for this year, I’ll leave you with this poor attempt at a poem.

On the last day of Christmas, my Broker gave to me…

Twelve NDML
Eleven Club Insure
Ten Booking Protect
Nine new graduates
Eight maids accounting
Seven IT experts
Six strong businesses
Five Brand Boys
Four wellbeing pillars
Three Insurance Times Awards
Two new offices
With one called Lloyd Pinder house

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