How do we celebrate International Women’s Day 2022?

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You may have seen via the new Google Doodle, it’s the annual International Women’s Day. But how can we celebrate International Women’s Day, even in a large or small way, during busy 2022?

We suggest taking a moment to reflect on the many pieces about the brilliant women in our company. Reading and listening is the key to understanding – this is the most important way to celebrate a day all about fantastic females.

International Women’s Day

Last year we had an excellent reception to the article which pitched questions to some of the female role models we have at our company. We recognise some of our excellent women from across the company, and we took the time out to chat to several of them to get their insight.

A Day in the Life of a Female Broker

Annie Young, Louisa Millington and Sue Geary take on the challenge to describe an average day in the Harrogate office. Learn about their experiences in this lengthy article below.

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The Career Pathway

At the company, there is an intense focus on young talent and individual potential. 

Helen Tipping, Lucy Tyson and Jade Casey from Club Insure, and Emily Roche from NDML, all give their thoughts on the internal career pathway at The Romero Group.

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Coffee with… some excellent women

Peruse our Coffee With… segments and learn about the experiences and the careers of some of the women in our company. Who would you like to hear from first? Vicky Hoyle, Anne Marie, Georgia Richmond…

See our Coffee With… selection

Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day today by being mindful, listening and reflecting on the experiences of others as well as those in our workplace.

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