This month’s Wellbeing Challenges : Progress Update

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Mount Staircase Update

As part of our month Wellbeing Challenge, Mark Noble has helped organise a company-wide Mount Staircase challenge. Each indoor walkers will be attempting to scale the height of a UK mountain via the office or home staircase. Ollie and Mark are doing Ben Nevis, while Lee, Daniel and Sam are scaling the Three Peaks.

A flight is equivalent to 46 steps and mountains such as Ben Nevis are 143 flights high, that’s quite some climbing. A rocky road lies ahead for our challengers but we are sure they will step it up before month’s-end.

Here’s Ollie and Mark stepping up to the challenge together in the appropriate gear. Ollie gave Mark a helping hand, perhaps expecting a sudden gust of wind from the 1st floor toilets. Nevertheless, Mark’s poles are sure to come in handy in case they need to fend off any wildlife.

To summit-up, don’t be surprised if you hear mountainous yodelling on your lunch breaks. If you wish to participate, it’s not too late to sign up. Contact Mark Noble.

Race at your Pace Update

Join Billy, Alex, Natalie, Jemma, Toni, Lois, Sam, Carolyne, Mark, Toni, Deborah, Lee, Daniel, David, Amy, Shannon and Vikki on their Race at your Pace challenge. They have each chosen to walk, run, swim or do a combination to achieve their chosen target.

Wish each of our challengers luck if you pass them in the hallways. If you would like to get involved, then either message Patrick, Mark or Victoria and start achieving your fitness goal!

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